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Thailand has always been a favorite tourist destination among Indians,   for its cultural diversity and inherent beauty. we keep planning that dream trip now and then, but with all the  chaos and hassle of getting a visa many times hold us back.

But now getting a visa to Thailand for Indians has gotten a lot more simple and uncomplicated process. You can get your visa beforehand or for a tourist visa, you can apply on your arrival. But then again, why give yourself the trouble of standing in long queues and going through all the paperwork while you can just sit back and relax. 

To save yourself some time at Immigration, you apply for your Thailand tourist visa online through Xtripo. 

If you are confused about the Thailand visa fees because every agent quotes a different price, or worried about the complicated paperwork, here’s a complete guide on how to get a Thailand tourist visa for that awesome trip you’ve long been waiting for.


Step 1

you need to upload soft copies of all the documents mentioned below and then fill the form online to get your Thailand Visa.

Step 2

After uploading your documents and completing your form process. you need to complete your payment process. you can pay for your visa fees using the mode of payment of your choice.

Step 3

After getting done with your payment, we will be sending a courier of your documents to the embassy. One way courier charges will be borne by you, and one way will be borne by us. It is mandatory to provide us with your original passport via courier or you can drop it off at our offices.

Step 4

Then the Embassy of Singapore will start with your visa process after verifying all your submitted document.


Compare to the traditional Thailand visa getting an E-visa for Thailand is a lot easier and convenient. In which you do not have to wait for weeks you get your E-visa mailed in your inbox, just in a few weeks.

The best way to apply for your Thailand visa is through Xtripo. And as opposed to traditional process the entire procedure is taken place through online and a very credible platform, You will not have to deal with middle-men and there will be no risk of fake or fraud visas.

About Thailand

The process to apply for Thailand visa online through Xtripo.

All you have to do is follow the steps given below to apply for a Thailand visa:

  1. Go to the ‘Visa’ section on our website, and select ‘Thailand.
  2. later you have to select your “date-of-entry” and your “date-of-exit”
  1. Select the number of travelers and click on ‘Apply’.
  2. Attach soft copies of the documents given below.
  • Front of your passport
  • Upload a colored copy of the front page of your passport
  • The validation of your passport should be at least 6 months from your arrival in Thailand.
  • The backside of your passport
  • Upload a colored copy of the back page of your passport
  • your photograph
  • Upload your colored photograph taken against a white background (3.5cmx5cm in dimensions)
  • Be sure that your face covers about 60 to 70 per cent of the frame area
  • And be sure that you’re not wearing any kind of spectacles or headgear etc in your photograph.
  • your E-Tickets
  • A copy of your return flight ticket
  • Your accommodation details of Thailand.
  • A copy of your hotel booking.
  1. If in any case, the Embassy demands additional documents, we will get in touch with you.
  2. Payment for your visa fees should be made using your choice of payment mode.
  3. And you will be receiving your Thailand visa on e-mail.


Once your booking is confirmed, we will be sending your visa application to the Embassy. Usually, the approval process for Thailand visa takes approximately 3 to 6 working days. However, in some cases, the Embassy may demand some additional documents, which could result in delaying your visa process.

You can apply for your Thailand visa anytime through our online website. But, we will be forwarding your documents to the embassy for processing only 30 days before your planned departure, to ensure that it is valid at the time of your travel.

You can cancel your Thailand visa application at any time, till your documents are submitted to the embassy. And once the submission of your application is done, there will be no cancellation or refund

Documents you will be required during the time your of Thailand immigration:

  1. Original passport
  2. Print out of your Malaysia e-visa
  3. Onward or return air tickets
  4. Accommodation proof


Different varieties of Thailand visa are available for Indians. which includes:

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. Permanent Resident Visa
  4. One Year Non-Immigrant Visa
  5. Marriage Visa and Retirement Visa

Through Xtripo, you can apply for a tourist visa with 15 Days Single entry. inclusively:

  • with one time entrance in Thailand with the stay of maximum 15 days.
  • You need to enter Thailand within 30 days from the date of your visa approval.

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